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Brittany: Off to College to study Computer Science!

“The atmosphere of welcome made C4K the best place for me. If it wasn’t for the happiness and human connection I experienced with C4K over the years, I don’t know where I would be today. This place has impacted me so much.”

– Brittany, C4K Alum and first-year Computer Science student at Longwood University!

Please join us in wishing Brittany well for her first week at college and a whole new chapter of life as a Computer Science major!

Did you know, Brittany joined C4K when she was in the 6th grade – along with her sister, Niedia.

Over the past six years, she has participated in over 400 mentoring sessions at C4K and has produced a broad portfolio of technology, STEAM and professional skills.

Brittany’s hard work paid off last summer when she was selected to participate in the international Teen Summit youth leadership conference in Boston. She advanced her tech skills, visited the world-renowned MIT Media Lab, and spent time at Google, meeting industry leaders.

“At Teen Summit, I grew the skills I am learning at C4K, like coding in Python, editing videos, and designing immersive experiences in virtual reality!”

– Brittany

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