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Our Mission


We combine mentoring and technology to prepare youth for brighter futures!

Creative Learning

Our members come to C4K to explore their passions and learn new skills. We customize our programs to each members’ unique interests and skills in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), so that every member can get the most out of their time at C4K.

Guided Mentorship

Mentorship increases self-confidence, decision- making skills, and chances of success in life for youth. We provide our members with consistent, supportive mentors to guide them as they achieve their goals.

Building Lifelong Skills

Across all of our programs, we foster 21st Century Skills to prepare our members for lifelong success. Our members can take these skills with them wherever they go.

Learning and Innovation Skills
Information, Media, and Technology Skills
Life and Career Skills

The C4K Impact

Our members graduate:

98% of C4K members graduate high school on time.

Our members go to college:

94% of our high school graduates go on to college—many in STEAM areas.

Our members are family:

100% of C4K members say they feel acceptance and trust with their mentors.

Our members are skilled:

C4K members are curious and innovative thinkers learning STEAM-related skills that prepare them for the future.

Our Staff & Board

We’re led by a passionate and experienced staff and board of directors.

Our History

In the 20+ years since our founding, thousands of youth have bridged the digital divide with C4K.

Our Location

C4K members can drop in any time to our Clubhouse – loaded with the tools, tech, and resources they need to reach their goals.