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Staff & Board

Our Staff & Board

Get to know the team at C4K.

We are dedicated professionals committed to providing local youth with a rich community for lifelong learning.

Mykaela Cali

Mentor Coordinator

Mykaela comes to C4K with abundant experience in both the youth development and mentorship fields. She brings a passion for connecting Charlottesville’s youth and families with supportive adult mentors and community partners. As the Mentor Coordinator, Mykaela supports C4K’s members and mentors, ensuring the best practices of mentorship are applied; she also seeks opportunities to invite new members and mentors into C4K’s programming.

Johnny Jackson

Assistant Clubhouse Coordinator

Johnny, a recent graduate of Charlottesville High School and a C4K alum, will attend PVCC to further his educational pursuits. Johnny’s favorite C4K memory is participating in his first C4K Youth Showcase. Reflecting on this experience, he recalls “feeling so proud of myself in those moments and the atmosphere being so welcoming and so much like family.”
Johnny is eagerly anticipating the chance to give back. Johnny will serve as a source of inspiration, guiding C4K members to unlock their potential and develop a strong foundation in STEM. Johnny hopes to extend the same sense of belonging and encouragement he once received. He will create an environment where every aspiring C4K member feels empowered to explore the world of STEM and take confident strides toward their bright futures.

Colin Learmonth

Director of Operations

A member of our Board of Directors for over 16 years, Colin brings a wealth of experience and true commitment to C4K’s success as Director of Operations. He drives key operational and administrative functions, supporting C4K’s robust infrastructure with a clarity and efficiency that lets the focus fall on the youth members who need it.

Previously, Colin led Broadband Network Services Inc. as President and Chief Operating Officer. His broad experience working with large and small teams in Charlottesville and beyond positions him to bring more and better programs to C4K.

Cullen Levesque

Clubhouse Coordinator

Originally from the Atlanta area, Cullen attended Middle Tennessee State University where he majored in Audio Production with a minor in Entertainment Technology. Needless to say, he enjoys working behind a computer. Bringing a welcoming attitude to the team and members, he appreciates the aspect of community building and progression in a learning environment.

During his free time, Cullen enjoys composing music and creating sound effects for visual media, playing drums, and hiking tall mountains. His favorite pair of shoes are Jordan 1’s.

Chelsea Park

Pathways Coordinator

Chelsea runs our Pathways Program, which is our high school program which helps high school aged youth navigate the complexities of high school and also conducts a thorough landscape of STEAM career and college exposure.

Chelsea brings a passion and commitment for helping youth cultivate success during their high school years. For the past 11 years, she was a high school educator, teaching English and coordinating the AVID program, which is a college and career preparation program for first generation college bound students.

Kala Somerville

Executive Director

Kala has been C4K’s Executive Director since its inception. She has maintained a commitment to best practices, research-based services, and innovative curriculum development that has led to recognition at local, state, and national levels. Kala’s long-term relationship in Charlottesville’s tech, education, and nonprofit industries has led to 60+ important community partnerships and collaborations that increase C4K’s programming capacity.


Niedia Washington

Assistant Clubhouse Coordinator

Niedia is currently an undergraduate at Virginia Commonwealth University completing her general education studies while deciding on a major focus. A graduate of C4K, she brings a wealth of firsthand experience to the team. As an Assistant Clubhouse Coordinator, Niedia wears quite a few hats. She is responsible for inputting data from workshops and cataloging contact information for members. In addition to mentoring at C4K herself, Niedia works with members and mentors to facilitate their learning sessions and keeps them informed of upcoming workshops at C4K.

Our Board of Directors

The C4K Board is deeply rooted in the local community and provides invaluable support to our mission.

Ckalib Nelson


Vice President
Preston Brown


Karin Little

Karin Little Consulting

Clarissa Hoffman

Hantzmon Wiebel

Members at Large
Lily Garcia Walton


Terah Johnson

Charlottesville City Schools

Jim Loder

Lodestone Consulting, LLC

Walker Swain


Carlos Vega


Meredith Richards

(Director Emeritus)
Cville Rail