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1:1 Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

Mentoring changes lives at C4K.

C4K members…

Develop a sustained relationship with a caring adult

Build skills for college and career

Plan and complete their own hands-on projects

Earn a laptop for personal use

Celebrate their achievements at C4K’s Annual Showcase

1:1 Mentoring at C4K

At C4K, we believe mentoring transforms lives for good. Our mentors are a diverse, dynamic group of volunteers who provide local youth with a supportive, encouraging atmosphere in which they can learn and grow together.

How it works

Mentors provide weekly, hour-long, sessions over one academic semester. Learning partners spend their time engaging in hands-on activities, learning new skills, exploring software applications, and producing projects that have meaning and relevance in their lives. Each pair’s projects represent an investment of time and effort together and result in the demonstration of mastery of new skills.


Mentoring at C4K is free of charge and available to students in 6th-12th grade who are eligible for free or reduced lunches at school.

Past Mentor-Member Projects


VR haunted house

3D-printed chess set

Film sound effects

Programmable drones

Air-powered rockets

max madani
Meet Our Mentors

Mentor Spotlight: Max Madani

“C4K fosters a feeling of camaraderie between all the mentors and members! I love the broad range of personalities and backgrounds I encounter here, whether it be the mentors or the students.”

Joining C4K isn’t rocket science. That comes later.

C4K is dedicated to being transparent, trustworthy, and impactful. 94% of every dollar donated goes directly into the programs and services that support our youth and build critical life skills through quality mentoring, workshops, and creative exploration.

As a mentor, you can give the gift of new opportunity.

Your financial gift keeps our mentorship program thriving.