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Teen Summit 2018

This summer members of the C4K family crowd-funded the resources needed to send Brittany, Basir, and Trevoris to Teen Summit, a youth leadership conference in Boston. The trip allowed them the opportunity to:

  • stay on a college campus for the first time
  • visualize themselves as college students
  • make friends with youth from 19 countries
  • tackle complex social issues with their global peers
  • discover and learn new technology
  • visit the world-renowned MIT Media Lab
  • spend time at Google, meeting industry leaders and learning about the technology that powers our lives

The investment in their experience made clear to Basir, Brittany, and Trevoris that people believe in them. They returned from Boston with confidence and determination to look towards their futures. Brittany, Trevoris,  and Basir just wanted to say…

Hi everyone,

My name is Brittany. Teen Summit changed my life and the lives of the other teens I met there.

I learned so many creative new skills including coding, video editing, music production and more! I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I was asked, and agreed to host the talent show – a chance for the teens to share their skills with everyone at Teen Summit. The experience was AMAZING!!!!!! At Teen Summit we didn’t hold back, we explored new places like Google and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

I got to experience living on a college campus and now I can see myself in college next year. These experiences would have never happened without your support!



Hello friends,

Thank you for helping send my friends and me to Boston where I met people from around the world.

My group explored “identity” as a topic because it matters to us how we define ourselves. Our project included spoken word, art, video, and music. I brought our beat maker (Mashine) and was responsible for composing the music.

Over three days, we collaborated on a spoken-word piece incorporating video, drawings, and music. When we presented, to over 200 people, and the beat I made dropped, the entire crowd clapped and went crazy for the music I made. I felt so happy seeing people love the project I co-created.

You made this experience possible. Thank you.


Hello, Teen summit changed my life in many ways.

I learned more about how to edit videos and tell stories through documentaries. I also talked to so many representatives from colleges and universities at the College and Career fair! It made me feel excited about where I want to go to college.

I also met people from all around the world. I have always loved technology, but have not always been very good at making friends. Going to Teen Summit helped me see that I can make friends and showed me how important it is to work with others. I used to sit alone at lunch every day, but now I sit with others, my friends. I still talk to the new friends I made at Teen Summit and hope to see them again one day.

Thank you for donating and helping me and my friends have this incredible experience together.

I hope to meet you at C4K.