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Everactive: Field Trip

On July 18th we enjoyed visiting Everactive (formerly PsiKick), a company that focuses on the development of low power devices and sensors. We were guided around by one of our wonderful mentors, Dan.

Everything about the office was fresh! The company works with customers to provide solutions for a wide range of problems connected to power, motors, and machinery. We explored different workstations and saw programmers and developers at work on real-world projects (some for our very own University of Virginia). 

Justin asked, “Could I work here? This place seems so neat.”

This question led to a productive conversation about the internship programs Everactive offer. We talked about the skills required, and the pathway youth members need to explore to be eligible for an internship place. Multiple members discussed how they want to continue to develop their programming skills and work with data with their mentors at C4K in order to be able to apply.

We left inspired! Thank you, Everactive!

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