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Field Trip Summer Series

Summer is here and we’re offering field trips to local businesses and colleges so youth members can experience first-hand the connection between the skills they are learning at C4K and tangible college and career opportunities. 

Our field trip offerings are diverse, from performing experiments at a UVA mechanical engineering lab to learning how a company develops mobile autonomous robotics solutions. The trips are already having their intended effect:

During a recent trip to Perrone Robotics, C4K member Sylvanna commented on how the technology used at Perrone was similar to the technology she was using at C4K for her motion-sensor Arduino project. 

During a visit to WillowTree Apps, C4K member Princess said, “I can see myself here.”

Summer Field Trip Schedule

Please note: More field trips will be announced throughout the summer.

Everactive Field Trip

Thursday, June 27

1:30 pm – 3pm

We visited Everactive to explore technology that unlocks computing that brings intelligence to our physical world. Read about our experience here!

Silverchair Field Trip

Tuesday 9 July

11:30am to 1:30pm

Silverchair includes comprehensive product development and migration services, online management tools, and ongoing support to ensure publishers achieve their product vision. Youth performed some basic web design and programming on a “Fortnight” parody called “Forknife.” See more here!

Babylon Micro-Farms Field Trip

Friday, August 2

2:00pm to 3:30pm

We loved touring Babylon Micro-Farms. We learned how they are using technology to improve the world by providing great food. We explored the tech involved in running the farm systems and learned how they are constantly iterating on their modules. See more here!

CBS:19 Field Trip

Tuesday, August 20


Val Thompson, the News Director at CBS19 News took us behind-the-scenes at their HQ in IX Park today! We learned all about the technology that brings news and weather to life on TV! Read more here.