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Inspiring Youth with Exposure to STEM Careers

L to R: Channing Mathews, Seirra Winn, Melissa Profitt, Ckalib Nelson

On Monday, November 6th, C4K hosted an insightful STEM Career Panel, providing members and their families with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights into various STEM professions. The event aimed to bridge the gap between STEM aspirations and real-world careers, empowering youth from underserved populations to explore their potential in these dynamic fields.

The panel featured four distinguished professionals from diverse STEM backgrounds:

  • Melissa Profitt, Nurse: Melissa shared her experiences as a registered nurse, highlighting the importance of empathy and strong communication skills in providing patient care.
  • Seirra Winn, Community Health Worker: Seirra discussed the power of knowing your community and the fulfilling nature of helping others find jobs in the healthcare industry. 
  • Dr. Channing Mathews, Psychology Professor at UVA: Dr. Mathews illustrated the importance of staying curious to help her through the long and winding road towards obtaining your doctorate and to always ask questions.  
  • Ckalib Nelson, Data Scientist at Amazon: Ckalib discussed the complexities and exciting advancements of his job, as well as the intricacies of remote working and the power of staying connected and giving back to his community. 

Through interactive discussions and candid responses, the panelists addressed a wide range of questions, from “Can you explain your job to your grandma?” to “What personality traits do you need for your job?” Members gained valuable insights into the educational pathways, hard and soft skills required, and the daily realities of various STEM professions.

The event not only provided members with a clearer understanding of potential career paths in STEM but also served as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation. For youth from underserved populations, who may face additional barriers to accessing STEM education and opportunities, the panel’s message of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of passion was particularly impactful.

The STEM Career Panel demonstrats C4K’s commitment to empowering youth from underserved communities to pursue their STEM aspirations and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce.