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Mentoring Spotlight: Ahmed & Anton

Over the past year, Ahmed and Anton have made several creative projects together including this super cool stop-motion video – Bionicle is alive! You can watch it here:

The project Ahmed and Anton spent several months working on is a small drone Ahmed envisioned looking like a mosquito. While construction and iteration on the drone continue, we want to take a moment to recognize their hard work and dedication.

Several hours of planning went into these projects, and when asked about that process, Anton said, “Ahmed has an interest in engineering/robotics, so I hope that this project helped him develop his project planning and design skills.”

And Ahmed is, indeed, very proud of designing and building the frame of the mosquito drone. He regards these as the most memorable moments. 

Speaking of the most important things learned in this mentoring partnership, mentor Anton reflected on the importance of resilience and patience:

“Things seemed daunting at times, but we managed to attack the projects from new angles, and we focused on setting small and achievable goals. I think Ahmed learned to be more resilient while I learned how to gauge his interest and communicate in ways that are more effective and engaging.”

Ahmed and Anton, we are so glad to have you here at C4K! And we are so proud of your growth and incredible projects.