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Alumni Fill New Positions at C4K

C4K has created two part-time Assistant Clubhouse Coordinator positions. These positions are generously supported by a grant from the Manning Family Foundation, and are currently filled by two wonderful C4K alumni, Niedia and Asad. The role assists the Clubhouse Coordinator with setting up programs , tracking engagement, and working directly with both youth and mentors. 

Having staff who know C4K’s culture well and who are passionate about our programs helps C4K in important ways. They bring to the team their rich, first-hand experience, which helps C4K to better fulfill its goal of providing an accessible, safe, welcoming space where youth members can explore and create.

Niedia and Asad also love working here.

“This is one of the best staff I’ve been on, because everyone is just so understanding, welcoming, and kind. Every mentor we get in here is also just phenomenal. I love seeing how excited members and mentors are when they come to C4K, and I love seeing the members and their families loving this program, just as I do.”


“I really, really like working here. I came to C4K in 8th grade as a youth member, and now I work here— it has been 5 years. For me, C4K is not like a workplace but almost like a second home. The people here are great and welcoming. And I’m glad to be part of a team that makes changes every day.”


The Assistant Clubhouse Coordinator positions are intended to be permanent positions filled by C4K alumni. We created these positions to satisfy C4K youths’ need for work experience as well as C4K’s need for additional staff. They will gain more than a living wage and have access to professional work experience and leadership opportunities. C4K benefits enormously from their passion and commitment to the organization.