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Mentoring Spotlight: Semaj & David

Semaj and David have created a stop-motion animation using LEGO—featuring Batman fighting Joker— as their C4K project. 

To find out who else are involved in the fight and which team wins in the end, go check out this super cool animation they made:

Their project is a stop-motion animation. You place some objects in front of the camera. Take a picture. Then you move these objects or change the scene slightly. Take another picture. Then you move them again, and take another picture, and move again, and take another picture. Eventually, when you string these pictures together, the objects appear to be moving.  

Semaj and David created their stop-motion animation using a similar procedure. They built the LEGO sets. They did the storyboarding (i.e., sketch out the progression of an animation). Then, they filmed through a perfect collaboration: one of them took the frames, while the other moved the characters. After taking enough pictures, they used WeVideo to put these photos together—in the sequence they wanted— and edited the film. 

By working on this animation project, they’ve learned a lot of STEAM-related skills: AI frame interpolation, stop-motion animation , video editing using WeVideo, storyboarding, and much more. 

Semaj and David have been a pair since December 17, 2020. And they’ve been meeting for 51 hours to work on this stop motion animation and various other projects. Their first mentoring match was completed on July 8th, 2022. 

In David’s mind, his mentee Semaj has a deep knowledge of the Batman characters. Semaj’s capacity to create cohesive stories quickly and creatively is striking. From Semaj’s perspective, his mentor David is super nice and smart. 

Semaj and David, we are so glad to have you here at C4K! You two and your project are fabulous!