Mentoring Spotlight: Hawa & Alex

Hawa (left) and Alex (right)

What is an obby?

An obby refers to an obstacle course in the Roblox game community. Players need to get around various obstacles through jumps, climbing, or other operations to win a game. Likewise, game developers will set various obstacle courses/obbies to make their games more engaging and challenging. 

Hawa and Alex have been working together at C4K for exactly a year (36 hours in total!) to create a very cool game called Easy Obby. Click on the video below to see the game they’ve created, and click this link to give it a try. It’s lit!

(Note from Tricia: It’s called Easy Obby, which is a deceptive name because it is not easy… I tried to play it but I couldn’t get past the first block!) 

Hawa and Alex have had lots of fun together. Apart from creating Easy Obby, they’ve also managed to make a board game, played the viola, and drew stickers using Photoshop. And Hawa is inspired to create another game—this time an adventure game. 

In Alex’s mind, her mentee Hawa is creative, hilarious, and optimistic — Hawa learns things very quickly and is up for any challenge. 

“I appreciate Hawa showing up excited to learn. It’s made it really fun to work on our projects,” Alex said, “Hawa’s also become very resourceful during her time at C4K and she has gotten very open when it comes to thinking of new ideas for our projects.”

The feeling is mutual. Hawa thinks that Alex is funny, smart, and fun. “I appreciate Alex being a fun mentor and being patient with me,” Hawa said. When asked ‘What ways have you seen your mentor grow in the time you’ve been together?’ Hawa laughed, and said, “Alex has gotten better at finding me at C4K.”

Hawa and Alex are also very proud of their projects, especially the game Easy Obby. “I’m really proud of myself for learning how to code,” Hawa said, “even though I knew it would be hard.” Alex is particularly proud of how many cool obby ideas they were able to implement. “I’ve worked with Roblox before,” Alex said, “but Hawa and I were able to explore far beyond what I knew and came up with a really cool game.”