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Thank you, Karl!

We are incredibly thankful for Karl’s eight and a half years of service on C4K’s Board! 

As Karl’s time on the C4K’s Board draws to a close, we asked him two questions to reflect upon his eight and a half years at C4K. Below are his responses:

What is your most memorable moment at C4K? 

The annual showcases really stand out to me among my most memorable experiences on the board.  It’s so exciting to see the amazing work that our members have accomplished with the help of C4K’s incredible mentors, staff, and donors.  I love seeing so many of our supporters and members of the community coming together to see just how special this place is.

What excites you most about C4K’s future?

I feel great about C4K’s future.  The team and board are stronger than ever.  I get excited thinking about the new ways in which C4K will reach and engage new members.  

C4K has always adapted its programming to incorporate new technologies as they emerge —— whether it’s 3D printing, robots or virtual reality.  I love imagining the new technologies that will make their way into our Clubhouse.  Each one of those new technologies has the potential to light that creative spark in any one of our members.  I can’t wait to see what they create!

Karl, we sincerely appreciate the unique, valuable perspective you have brought to C4K. Thank you for guiding C4K through its tremendous growth and change and for furthering C4K’s mission in the best way possible! We’ll see you at the showcase this spring!