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COVID-19 Newsletter, Volume 9

A Message from C4K

Dear C4K Family,

It was great to see members digging into their Maker Kits last week producing harmonicas and boomerangs out of craft sticks, rubber bands, straws, and manila folders. We learned a lot through the process and are ramping up for another round of Maker Kits in the coming weeks.

We started regular weekly workshops with members as well. One is focused on Coding and another on Art and Design. While introducing members to new concepts and building their skills, these workshops are allowing us to gain valuable experience in providing support to members online.

Please be sure to check out the Announcements below. There are a couple of important events happening within the community this weekend including free coronavirus testing and a virtual teen town hall.

We miss you!  Stay safe and in touch.

Kala, Tricia, Jill, and Colin