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Field Trip: Science Museum of Virginia

I enjoyed the science presented in Superpower Dogs. I was amazed at how a dog’s sense of smell works.

Eniya, youth member

Electronics, puppy superpowers, and video games!

We had a blast at the Science Museum of Virginia! Eleven of us recently traveled to Richmond to dive into all-things ‘science’. Favorite exhibits included Giant Insects and Speed. We also explored the vast cosmos in The Dome and fell in love with hero pooches in the IMAX film, Superpower Dogs.

We learned how science and technology go hand in hand. We loved learning how Rory Steele used technology to bring joy to others. Rory created a custom video game controller for his 9-year-old daughter Ava so she could play her favorite video game, The Legend Of Zelda. (Hear the whole NPR story here).

As ever, we always learn through hands-on projects. So, while at the museum, we built Video Controllers for Humanity in The Forge using Makey Makey microcomputers. We loved designing and building adaptive game controllers that would allow people with various mobility and physical impairments to play and enjoy video games easily.

We can’t wait for our next field trip!