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Thank You Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthew’s Band!

We are thrilled to have been selected as a recipient of the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthew’s Band grant! The generous $10,000 funding will go towards:

  • Hosting family engagement initiatives to strengthen connections and build our community. E.g. Family dinners and maker nights.
  • Sponsoring STEAM workshops to train our mentors and youth on new and advanced technology skills. e.g. Drone Building, programming, electronics.
  • Increasing our capacity to grow and demonstrate their tech skills by creating a “badging” system that, once earned, prooves their tech skills/proficiency to future school admission boards and employers. 
  • Matching youth with a personal mentor, who will work with them for a year as they become friends and grow skills by working on projects like building a video game, designing and making a 3D printed smart house and coding an app. 

Read more about the good work the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthew’s Band does in our community, here.