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Celebrating our board member, Lily Garcia Walton!


We are happy to celebrate our board member, Lily Garcia Walton.

Lily is a self-described “gig economy workplace expert”, citing her intense passion for transforming the modern workplace. By transforming the modern education system, Lily hopes to better prepare the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow.

Lily’s work with us involves supporting alternative pathways for K-12 education, bolstering creative development, and teaching youth how to have agency in the modern workplace. Lily is also the founder of DisruptHR/Charlottesville, an annual speaking event that brings together speakers to discuss the future of work and talent – as a beneficiary of this event, we have enjoyed connecting this discourse to what we do at C4K.

Outside of C4K, Lily wears many hats: Chief People Officer at Education First Consulting, founder of Corporate Pro Bono, legal and HR advisor at Teamed, and a serial entrepreneur, just to name a few. We’re very excited to have her as our Vice President on the C4K board, and are thankful for the unique, valuable perspective she brings to C4K!

Learn more about Lily here.