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Field Trip: Babylon Micro-Farm

C4K Members at Babylon Micro-Farms in Charlottesville

We loved touring Babylon Micro-Farms. We learned how they are using technology to improve the world by providing great food. We explored the tech involved in running the farm systems and learned how they are constantly iterating on their modules.

We discussed how plants are monitored remotely through tiny cameras, and how they are fed nutrients through liquid solutions. We wrapped up our tour discussing career pathways into their industry. We had lots of questions about the types of skills youth members can start developing at C4K in order to be eligible for future internships and jobs with Babylon!

“I learned that plants grow twice as fast in a hydroponic growing system. It’s clever how they use cameras, sensors, and technology to grow fresh food in such a small space!”


“Our produce is always fresh. The produce we create is more tender than store-brought because it hasn’t battled the wind or been put in big transport systems to get to the grocery store. Our plants last longer and taste better.”

Evan, C4K Mentor and Babylon Employee

Babylon’s smart modular indoor farms can be tailored to meet their customer’s needs. Their on-demand farming service allows the grower to have a consistent supply of fresh produce all year round.

They remotely manage indoor farms within their network to ensure high-quality and consistent results every time.

Benefits of Babylon Farms?

  • Environmentally friendly produce
  • Perpetual daily or weekly harvests
  • Pure flavors and consistent yields
  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • Everything delivered ready to grow
  • 24/7 farming support

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