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C4K Youth: Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders

We believe that our youth can be tomorrow’s technology leaders!

“Problem Free is not Fully Prepared”

Since the early 2000s, the youth development community has been going through a paradigm shift, changing the focus from deterrence to development. Researchers and practitioners are now realizing the importance of youth preparation and development, not just problem prevention, creating activities and programs that do more than fill idle time and keep youth off the streets.

At C4K we follow the “The Theory of Positive Youth Development” which views youth as resources to be developed rather than as problems to be managed. Programs, like C4K’s, that adhere to this theory provide youth with enriching experiences that broaden their perspectives, improve their socialization, and enhance their skills.

C4K employs the Theory of Positive Youth Development through every aspect of our programming. Our members are highly capable and spend many hours every week developing their STEM skills with the resources we provide– industry level technology, professional mentors from the field, skill-building workshops, and a culture of high expectations and support.

We believe that our youth can be tomorrow’s technology leaders!

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