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Thank you, Annie & Ryan!

Meet Annie and Ryan. They have been mentors in our Clubhouse makerspace for three years. Annie and Ryan’s energy and enthusiasm are their trademarks. They volunteered for a combined 176 hours and 48 minutes.

Ryan, Annie and fellow TLP student, Ross, in our Clubhouse

The organization Independent Sector estimates that the value of their volunteer time is worth $4,496! Wow.

Ryan in the Audio Studio

These two collaborated with youth on many projects using almost every piece of technology we have, 3D printers, Arduino microcomputers, 3D modeling software, the circuit vinyl cutter, and t-shirt press, stop-frame animation cameras, MakeyMakeys, and more, plus helped build our first ever haunted house! Shout out to the Technology Leaders Program who introduced us to Annie and Ryan.

Annie and her TLP student colleagues helped launch our first Haunted House collaboration with UVA’s Brown College in October 2017.

We are sorry to say goodbye but thrilled to see them graduate from UVA’s School of Engineering and start a new chapter of life outside of Charlottesville. Thank you for all you brought to our community, Annie and Ryan!

Ryan hosted our first Holiday Lights Show with Three Notch’d Brewery in December 2018 – and made it on the TV!