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Mentor Workshop Series

Jamie, who volunteers at a mentor at C4K, at a recent Electronics workshop.

We are delighted to launch our mentor workshop series! Mentors at C4K are curious by nature and always learning alongside our youth members. We host regular workshops to support their exploration of C4K’s resources, which in turn, supports the youth they partner with.

In designing these workshops, we identify skills that will help mentors support C4K youth to be competitive for future internships, education, and jobs, including in Charlottesville’s own quickly-growing tech industry.

Workshops are a great way for mentors to meet other mentors, gain or grow skills and improve their youth development skills.

Youth members participate in many of the workshops, even co-facilitating, on occasion.

Stop Motion & Green Screen Workshop

Tuesday, May 14

5:30-7pm at C4K

Learn to use the stop motion camera and drop in any background for your story using the green screen.

Adobe Premiere Workshop

Wednesday, May 29

5:30-7pm at C4K

Adobe Premiere is the industry standard for video editing. Youth and mentors learned the basics of adding in media, trimming clips, adding text, and exporting movies. Click here to see what happened! 

Creating Sound Effects for Film (Audio Studio) Workshop

Tuesday, June 11

5:30-7pm at C4K

Foley effects are sound effects added to the film during post-production (after the shooting stops). They include sounds such as footsteps, clothes rustling,  paper folding, doors opening and slamming, punches hitting, glass breaking, etc. We will be coming up with creative ways to recreate the sounds we want to add to a film.

SketchUp Workshop

Wednesday, June 26 

5:30-7pm at C4K

SketchUp is a very user-friendly 3D modeling program, best used for architecture and design. 

Intro to Power Tools Workshop

Saturday, June 29


Learn the functions and best practices of the power tools our youth use. We will overview safety measures and general functions by creating a simple project.

Electronics 101 (no coding) Workshop

Thursday, July 11 

5:30-7pm at C4K

What do capacitors and resistors do? How do you use a multimeter? These are all questions for basic circuitry and we will answer all of them!

Arduino Workshop

Wednesday, July 17

5:30-7pm at C4K

Arduinos are small, easy to use microcontrollers. Learn the basics of how to hook up and code in Arduino to make quick, fun electronics projects with members.

Photoshop Workshop

Tuesday, July 23

5:30-7pm at C4K

We will walk through all the basic functions of Photoshop, the industry standard for raster graphics editing and digital art.

Exploring Virtual Reality Workshop

Wednesday, August 7

5:30-7pm at C4K

Learn how to use C4K’s 5 VR headsets, explore some great apps for creating in VR, and learn to start building your own VR experiences.

3D Modeling & Printing Workshop

Thursday, August 22

5:30-7pm at C4K

Learn to create basic 3D models with TinkerCAD and get an overview of which 3D modeling software to use, depending on what you’d like to create. Then walk through exporting and printing your model.