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Kudos from Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins

Justin and Niedia giving a tour to Dr. Rosa Atkins, Superintendent of Charlottesville City Schools.

This spring, we were honored to host Dr. Rosa Atkins, superintendent of Charlottesville City Schools, on a behind-the-scenes tour of C4K. Justin and Niedia, youth members of C4K, introduced Dr. Atkins to other youth and shared their experiences in our afterschool STEM mentoring program.

We were thrilled to hear that Dr. Atkins shared about her experience at the following school board meeting. The video recording is live here. The part about C4K starts at 3:04:20.

“I was recently taken on a tour of the C4K facility by Justin and Niedia. Justin is a freshman, and Niedia is a senior at Charlottesville High School. Both of them say that when they leave school, going over to Computers4Kids is one of the highlights of their day. They can go to the center and stay at the center until 6 o’clock in the evenings, and go five days a week. Representatives at the center told me that Nadia has received over 3,000 hours of mentoring since she entered the program, and she entered as a ninth-grader.

Congratulations to Computers4Kids and Niedia and Justin for their participation. We will be partnering with them to see if we can collaborate on course offerings, where we might, for example, offer AP Computer Science here at school, so they may take the second part of that which would be a problem-based computer science activity for the students there at the center, and together we can award credit to the students. Dr. I is working on that right now, developing that curriculum and partnering with them. Thank you to Computers4Kids and the partnership that we have with them.” – Dr. Rosa Atkins