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Seasons of Light: A Kinetic Experience: Studio IX

Seasons of Light: A Kinetic Experience, created by C4K youth, led by Galora Haghtalab

In July, C4K youth collaborated on an interactive, multi-disciplinary art installation led by local tech-artist, Golara Haghtalab.

Over the past month, C4K youth and Golara used ultrasonic sensors, paint, LEDs, programming, paper, and circuits to create this interactive piece. The creation of “Seasons of Light”  blends circuit building and Arduino programming with art and design. It’s a collaborative, fun way to imagine, learn, and create. The group was inspired by this dandelion painting.

“By blending the arts into science, math, engineering, and technology, we are encouraging local youth to think creatively and critically in traditional STEM disciplines. We believe we need artists, engineers, architects, and programmers to find new ways to see, feel, and create meaning and connection in our world.”

– Chris Florez, C4K Program Director
Philip, Assad, and Blair plan where the LEDs should be placed under the art.

Meet Golara and the C4K youth who created this piece at C4K’s Annual Showcase Open House: 24th August, 5-7pm, at C4K & Studio IX.

Golara Haghtalab has an inquisitive mind. She is an Iranian-American resident of Charlottesville who graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in both chemistry and studio arts. She is fascinated by spectroscopy, design thinking, human beings, geometric patterns, technology, and dance. She has shown her art in galleries on UVa Grounds and across Charlottesville. Golara leads a workshop-oriented team that promotes values of He for She and She for He to achieve gender equality. Golara’s workshops use arts and creativity to re-discover STEM. Once STEAM is achieved, these workshops will help individuals to connect their own dots and build their own bridges to problem solve and transition between difficult states. More here.