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C4K Annual Showcase 2017

Dear friends of C4K,

Our recent Annual Showcase saw a heartening outpouring of community support for our young C4K members and their mentors!

Thank you for all you do support our youth! If you missed the fun, here is a little insight into the STEAM projects that were showcased. A special thank you to our Youth Advisory Team, Silvana Torain, Trevoris, Keoni, Tyrann, Keith, Brittany, Mohammad, and Nidea who worked hard to make our big event a success!

The Young & The Wild documentary trailer

Check out our short documentary preview, made by and about C4K youth as they explored Wildrock, Crozet’s three-acre playscape wilderness, rich with stories. Made in partnership with Wildrock and Light House Studio. Full documentary screening and Q&A: September 29, 6pm, Vinegar Hill Theater.

Youth Entrepreneur Marketplace

C4K’s youth entrepreneurs set up businesses this summer! Youth got to present their products to the public and made their first sales at Friday’s showcase! Showcased businesses included: Custom phone cases, refurbished and customized shoes, a jewelry making business and a toy production company!

Our Entrepreneur Camp was made possible by our friends at City of Charlottesville’s Office of Economic Development, WAGiLabs, Capital One and CIC.

Photo courtesy of Josh Mandell, Charlottesville Tomorrow.

C4K’s Room @ Hauntings on the Hill — This October

This summer, youth members became a fully-fledged design firm (with a client!) and started C4K’s first ever Haunted House! Members joined Prof. Reid Bailey (UVA School of Engineering) and UVA’s Brown College ‘Hauntings on the Hill’ team to ideate, prototype, design and build the interior of C4K’s first haunted house – to be featured at the annual Hauntings on the Hill at UVA in October! Work on the house continues this fall – check out a preview at Tomtoberfest in Emancipation Park on 23 September! This camp and additional robotics and engineering programming at C4K was made possible by investment by The Junior League of Charlottesville. Thank you. 

Virtual Reality Interactive Demonstration

C4K is all about discovery. C4K is in the early stages of discovering Virtual Reality as a new technology! We hope to dive in deep into VR soon and are exploring options. Showcase visitors experienced Google Tilt Brush Brush and the opportunity to ‘virtually’ climb inside C4K’s logo in a Unity VR demo – sponsored by Nectar.

Photo courtesy of Josh Mandell, Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Custom Music Track & Video

An original video, scored by C4K members Dante and Trevoris and filmed by C4K & Music Resource Center‘s youth featuring unique rainforest footage shared by Amazon Aid Foundation.

And so many more STEAM projects, including:

Original beats in the Audio Studio.

Popsicle stick architecture, with lighting.

A custom-built Roblox video game.

A Scratch programmed game.

Hydraulic robot arms.

3D Printed designs.

Arduino projects & dancing robots.

Trebuchets and catapults.

YouTube channels & websites.

While we had a lot of fun sharing the wonderful STEAM projects created this year, our work continues. At C4K we believe mentoring relationships are basic human connections that let a young person know they matter.

Statistics tell us that young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor are: 55% more likely to enroll in college, 78% more likely to volunteer regularly and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions. Having a mentor empowers young people to make smart choices that put them on a path to making good life decisions. Plus, mentoring is fun!

Please consider telling a friend about C4K – or sending them this page, so they can see for themselves the valuable friendships, discovery, and shoulder-to-shoulder learning that happens here every day. You can even take a virtual tour of our space here!

Thank you to all our members, families, one-to-one and Clubhouse mentors, subject specialists, camp facilitators, donors, sponsors, referral agents, student ambassadors, community partners, board members, and friends. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

The C4K Team