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Commit to making an impact.

Visionaries are C4K’s most loyal and generous supporters, providing critical support in our financial health and sustainability.

Support over time

Visionaries commit to a particular level of funding for three years. This program allows C4K’s most loyal and generous supporters to play an even more critical role in the financial health and sustainability of C4K. Our Visionaries lead the way in securing C4K’s ability to empower youth to become self-sufficient and reach their full potential.

Our Visionaries

We are deeply grateful for the support and generosity of our current Visionaries, who make C4K’s mission possible:

Mark and Margaret Anderson
Glenn Doggett and Renee Savage
Drs. John and Sylvia Hendrix
Hilltop Foundation
Robert M. and Lucy G. Huff
Joseph Leigh and Moira Coleman
Aaron and Laura Linville
James Loder
Mark and Dr. Anne Logan
In Memory of Lt Col Peter Yadlowsky
Tech Dynamism
Anonymous Donors

How it works

Select a level and make a 3-year commitment to C4K:


Silver Visionary Level


Gold Visionary Level


Platinum Visionary Level

You can become a Visionary today. To get started, send us an email:

Empowering students

In Charlottesville and Albemarle County in 2017 there were 5,612 families who earned less than what is needed to survive — they cannot afford housing, food, and utilities. Through no fault of their own, nearly half the children born into these economically disadvantaged families will remain economically disadvantaged all their lives. When parents struggle with poverty, their children face enormous obstacles in completing their education and becoming self-sufficient. With sustained and intentional efforts, like those offered by C4K and supported by our Visionaries, children can escape the cycle of poverty and be guided towards a pathway to self-sufficiency.

Making an impact

The Visionary program provides C4K with the ability to focus on programming that directly meets the needs of low-income youth. The experiences youth have at C4K are life changing. The return on investment for out-of-school time programming has been estimated to be as high as $17 for each dollar invested. Since inception, 97% of youth completing C4K program requirements have graduated high school.


We help underserved youth become content creators, not just content consumers.


We provide equitable access.


We support our community’s economic development by investing in our youth.

Impact Survey

What our youth say

Our recent C4K Youth Impact Survey shows how youth perceive C4K’s influence in their lives:


said C4K helped them make better choices in their lives


said C4K helped them find resources and information to support the development of their ideas


said graduating from high school is important or very important


said continuing education after high school is important or very important


said C4K played a role in interest in studying STEM


said C4K helped them get good or really good at engineering and robotics

Would you consider becoming a C4K Visionary?

Please send us an email to share your interest or any questions you may have.