C4K Member to Board Member: Robert A. Williams II

Let’s welcome Robert A. Williams II, to the Board of Directors!

As a native of Charlottesville and former member of C4K, Robert is thrilled to be serving his childhood community! Robert first joined C4K during the Summer of 2000 when he was in the sixth grade and remained involved in the program from the early 2000’s into adulthood. Much of Robert’s time at the Clubhouse (when C4K was Computers4Kids) was spent spreading his black boy joy, always wanting to engage with everyone in the space, especially staff.

Robert holds a B.S. in Urban Regional Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master’s of Social Work from Howard University. He currently resides in the Bay Area in California and is a Housing Counselor at the City of Berkeley-Rent Stabilization Board. Preceding this position, Robert was the first black Senior Social Worker at Legal Services for Children. Before Legal Services for Children, Robert worked for the DC government where he provided a wide variety of services to populations with psycho-social challenges.

He believes that at-risk populations can rise from “unsung to empowered” with adequate interventions from competent and dedicated practitioners and interventionists.

Some of Robert’s favorite pastimes include reading, traveling, mentoring, and educating himself on African/ Black history as well as other vulnerable populations.

We cannot express how excited we are to have the opportunity to work with Robert! Welcome back, Robert!